Spiritual Art

A selection of painting examples, including: Guide Portraits, Fantasy, & Mixed Fantasy Realism. 




Intuitive Portrait Prices

  • Black pencil or charcoal on white paper –  $80
  • Black and white or Brown and white on toned paper – $120
  • Full colour pastel ( a soft chalk like medium) –  $150
  • Full Colour Acrylic Portrait $180
  • All artwork will be accompanied by a reading, unless specified.
  • Artwork is A4 approximately in size.
  • ADD ON POSTAGE:  $10 + (depends on postage cost)

To commission your art, I will only require your name.

However, most art is posted out, so I will also require your address and the deposit of funds into my account prior to beginning the drawing.

Email:  j.sellwood@bigpond.com

Mobile: 0415 359 518

NOTE:  Once you receive your art, it is your responsibility to treat it with care. The surface colour will smudge easily if wiped or touched. Unfold with care and lay flat if it arrives in a cylinder.

Frame under glass for protection.  DO NOT SPRAY.

A Description of Drawings from Spirit

Around fifteen years ago, a new dimension to my art began to appear, as I received more commissions to paint deceased loved ones, and also deceased pets.

I discovered one day that I had painted the likeness of a little girl without a photo as reference. I first saw her in “a minds eye vision”, and when it was confirmed that she was passed over, I was asked if I would draw her image.

Over the years, I have produced many more likenesses of deceased loved ones. 

You may imagine how difficult this is, and sometimes, there is more of a likeness than at other times.

I also receive “impressions” or “feelings” to draw or paint other portraits, and personal messages will accompany them.

Many people refer to this type of art as Guardian Angel or Guide artwork.

The only substantial evidence of success I have of the portraits and messages that accompany them – is the gratitude, acceptance, recognition and happiness expressed to me by the receivers of this work.

I am aware that we all have the ability to be intuitive. We all have access to information from a Higher Source – God, Nature, Universal Intelligence, or our Higher Selves… whatever the terminology you may choose to apply the meaning as. 

My artwork and messages are an expression of my connection to such.

During this process, “I” move my personality aside, in order that my personal judgements and opinions are left out.

In trust and faith, I then deliver your unique message and artwork.